Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DONNA DUGLE YOUNG, Speaker at Family History Day

Flag of Ireland
It is a pleasure to introduce Donna Dugle Young who will be a speaker at Family History Day at the California State Archives.

Donna Dugle Young started researching her family history shortly after moving to Grass Valley from Los Gatos in 1996 and has been very active in the genealogy community ever since giving presentations at genealogy societies and seminars. She is currently Education Chairman of the Nevada County Genealogical Society and is leader of their monthly study group. She is also a member of the Placer County Genealogical Society and the Genealogical & Historical Council of Sacramento Valley. Donna was the leader of the Grass Roots Genealogy Group for six and a half years. Both Donna and Ron (her husband) are volunteer librarians at the Family History Center in Nevada City. They have made numerous research trips to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, West Virginia, North Carolina and most recently Ireland tracking down information on their ancestors.

Donna Dugle Young will be presenting Beginning Genealogy I and II.   These classes are both an introduction for beginners and a refresher course for those who have been doing genealogy research for awhile. The presentation starts with the basics of how to write names and dates then continues to explain the reasons for the different charts and gives suggestions on how to organize your finds. In Beginning Genealogy II the emphasis is on where to find the information and documents that will enhance your family history including vital records, census and internet resources.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

DAUGHTERS OF THE UTAH PIONEERS, Exhibitor at Family History Day

It is a pleasure to introduce the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers who will be an exhibitor at Family History Day at the California State Archives.

The International Society of Daughters of Utah Pioneers, ISDUP or just DUP is an association devoted to preserving the legacy of those pioneers who came to the State of Deseret/Utah Territory before the railroad in May 1869. More than 60,000 pioneers traveled in more than 300 companies to find their place in the west. The objective of DUP is to perpetuate the names and achievements of those men, women and children by preserving old landmarks, marking historical places and collecting artifacts and histories.

The State of Deseret/Utah Territory covered much more than the present-day state of Utah and, in fact, covered much of southern California. Some of these Mormon pioneers first settled in California before relocating to Utah. Locally, the Slough House Pioneer Cemetery is the burial spot for many of the Sacramento pioneers with tombstones dating from the 1850‘s. It is owned by the ISDUP and maintained by the many companies and camps in the Sacramento area.

Members of DUP meet monthly in camps to learn more about and share pioneer histories and artifacts. Camps and Companies are organized in geographical areas.

Visit our exhibit at the Family History Day to see pictures and newspaper articles about the Slough House Cemetery and other local DUP historical markers. We plan to have internet access available for visitors to search the indexes listed below. (The actual photos and histories are not available for viewing online, only the indexes.) We will also have a book display of other DUP publications that can be purchased online.

Photo index - The photo department houses, maintains and preserves a collection of over 25,000 images of pioneers, their homes, communities, organizations and artifacts. Copies of photo prints or CD images can be ordered and purchased online.

History Card Index - The history department presently has over 100,000 pioneer histories on file of pioneers who came to the geographic area covered by the Utah Territory/ State of Deseret. It also includes those who died crossing the plains and those born in the Utah Territory before May 10, 1869 and some locality histories.

Pioneer Pathways Index - Volumes 1 through 11 consolidated index - Each year DUP sponsors the publication of historical material which has been used as lesson material in the camps. At the present time, there have been 5 multi-volume sets of books published. Pioneer Pathways is the latest of them.

We look forward to meeting others interested in pioneer legacy at Family History Day.

International Society of Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Pioneer Memorial Museum
300 North Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah


It is a pleasure to introduce the Nueva Galicia Genealogical Society as an exhibitor at Family History Day at the California State Archives.

The Nueva Galicia Genealogical Society is a small group of genealogists who focus their research on the area formerly known as Nueva Galicia and surrounding areas. This includes the modern day states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes in Mexico. Although our primary focus is Nueva Galicia, membership is not strictly restricted to those areas and any interested researcher is welcome to join.

The Nueva Galicia Genealogical Society holds quarterly meetings. If you are interested in becoming a member or visiting during one of our meetings, please contact David Mitchell, at, or visit our website at

We look forward to talking to you on Family History Day and helping with your family research in Mexico.