Thursday, September 23, 2010


Several people will be wearing their period garb at Family History Day. Below are just a couple beautiful examples of what you will see throughout the day. Say hello when you see them and learn about the clothing our ancestors wore in that era.

Suzanne Latimer in her 1906-era dress
 Suzanne Latimer (left) is gorgeous in her 1906 period dress, parasol and hat - all of which she made.  (The transitional lenses are a more recent vintage.)  She wore the dress at the California Admission Day celebration at the State Capitol.  Suzanne is a docent at the California State Capitol, and a member of Root Cellar - Sacramento Genealogical Society and the Family History Day Publicity Committee. 

Dian Price in her 1896 tea gown.
 Dian Price (left) is stunning in her 1896 tea gown.  Dian is a long-time fan of period clothing and sews her own to wear at special events.  She is a member of Root Cellar-Sacramento Genealogical Society and the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, and the Chairperson for the Family History Day Period Costume Wearers Committee.


Family History Month and Family History Day at the California State Archives is being celebrated at two Sacramento Public Library branch locations during September.

Patrons at these libraries can get a feel of the personal journey that family history research truly is. The display cases are adorned with the various types of records and memorabilia that depict the social and cultural history of one's ancestors.  "Tools of the trade" are also shown, such as reference books for locating record sources and actual family trees labeled with "found" ancestors, family groups sheets and pedigree charts.  Please stop by and take a look at these libraries:

Arden-Dimick Public Library                   Sylvan Oaks Library
891Watt Avenue at Northrop                  6700 Auburn Blvd/VanMaren
Sacramento                                             Citrus Heights
                                       Info:  264-2700

Tools of the Genealogy Trade
Arden-Dimick Library

Thank you to the display team: (l-r) Diane Maltase, Rosalie Gladden,
 Sylvia Walsh and Suzanne Latimer, members of Root Cellar-Sacramento Genealogical Society

Finding and enjoying our social and cultural history through our ancestors
Sylvan Oaks Library
Mapping your ancestors in the family tree
Arden-Dimick Library

Monday, September 20, 2010


Frequently Asked Questions
About Family History Day 2010
at the California State Archives

1. When and where is this event, and what time will it start?
  • Family History Day is on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at the California State Archives, 1020 “O” Street, 4th floor (corner of 10th and “O”, Streets), Sacramento, CA. Event hours are 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.
2. Is parking available?
  • Yes. Limited free parking is available in the lot across (north of) from the State Archives building. Enter from 10th Street via the alley. The lot opens at 7a.m and closes for entry at 5p.m.
  • Limited 10-hour metered street parking (quarters only, no credit cards) is located around Roosevelt Park one block west of the State Archives building. The park is located at 1602 9th Street (between 9th and 10th and P and Q Streets).
  • Parking garages located on 10th Street (between O and P Streets) and on 11th Street (between O and P Streets) are closed on Saturdays.
  • Attendees are encouraged to use Light Rail, exit at Archives Plaza, or to carpool.
3. Is there an eatery nearby? Can I bring my lunch?
  • Yes. La Bou Bakery and Café is located at 1100 “O” Street (corner 11th and “O” Streets), one block east of the State Archives building. The Café will be open from 8:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. serving reasonably-priced bakery items, sandwiches, soups, salads, coffee, and other beverages. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. This will be the 4th year that La Bou Bakery and Café has agreed to be open for Family History Day as it is typically closed on week-ends. The sponsors of Family History Day greatly appreciate this “partnership” and encourage attendees to patronize the Café.
  • Attendees may inquire at the Reception Desk for other places to eat in the area.
  • Attendees who bring their lunch can eat it in Archives building lobby or Secretary of State Courtyard.
4. What are the “House Rules” at the State Archives?
  • No food/beverage will be allowed on 3rd and 4th floors of States Archives or in the California Museum (exhibit area). Food and beverage is permitted in Archives building lobby and Secretary of State Courtyard.
  • Lockers are available on a first-come first-serve basis on the 4th floor of the State Archives. A key can be obtained at the 4th floor Reception Desk.
5. Where do I sign up for a mini-tour of the State Archives?
  • A sign-up list will be created for attendees who want to take the mini-tour available throughout the day. Please sign-up at the 4th floor reception desk.
6. Will the wall maps be up again to show where visitors come from?
  • Yes. The map of the United States of America and the world will be hanging next to the lockers behind the 4th floor reception desk. Ask at the reception desk for the color-coded stickers attendees can use to show their birth place, their parent’s birthplace and their grandparent’s birthplace.
7. Will the California Museum and the Gift Shop be open on Family History Day?
  • Yes. They will be open from 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Check at the 4th floor reception desk for more information.
If we haven't answered your question, please email it to and the answer will be posted here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The California State Archives, Root Cellar - Sacramento Genealogical Society and the Genealogical and Historical Council of Sacramento Valley extend a warm welcome to you at Family History Day 2010. The archivists and members of these organizations are long-time and enthusiastic supporters of this event.

After nearly a year of planning, be prepared to be immersed in family history the moment you enter the California State Archives building. Docents in period clothing will greet you and from 11:30am to 12:45pm (New Time) you can kick up your heels with a 19th century waltz or Virginia Reel in the “ballroom”, nowadays called the lobby. Awaiting you on the 4th floor will be over 20 genealogical classes and several tours and as many exhibitors ready with informative materials. So, enjoy a day of learning and most of all, have fun!

The Speaker and Class List for Family History Day is now available.  The list can also be found on the right side of this screen under Important Links.  The class schedule and room assignments will be posted on the blog soon.