Thursday, September 23, 2010


Family History Month and Family History Day at the California State Archives is being celebrated at two Sacramento Public Library branch locations during September.

Patrons at these libraries can get a feel of the personal journey that family history research truly is. The display cases are adorned with the various types of records and memorabilia that depict the social and cultural history of one's ancestors.  "Tools of the trade" are also shown, such as reference books for locating record sources and actual family trees labeled with "found" ancestors, family groups sheets and pedigree charts.  Please stop by and take a look at these libraries:

Arden-Dimick Public Library                   Sylvan Oaks Library
891Watt Avenue at Northrop                  6700 Auburn Blvd/VanMaren
Sacramento                                             Citrus Heights
                                       Info:  264-2700

Tools of the Genealogy Trade
Arden-Dimick Library

Thank you to the display team: (l-r) Diane Maltase, Rosalie Gladden,
 Sylvia Walsh and Suzanne Latimer, members of Root Cellar-Sacramento Genealogical Society

Finding and enjoying our social and cultural history through our ancestors
Sylvan Oaks Library
Mapping your ancestors in the family tree
Arden-Dimick Library

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