Friday, August 20, 2010

PARADISE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, Exhibitor at Family History Day

Paradise Genealogical Society Library
It is a pleasure to introduce the Paradise Genealogical Society as an exhibitor at Family History Day at the State Archives.

Nestled in the foothills of northern California, the Paradise Genealogical Society was started in 1968 by a dedicated group of volunteers. Motivated by a love of history, they collected books, newspaper articles, maps, and photographs of Butte County. Through the years our members have donated and indexed hundreds of additional books, obituaries, publications, and family histories.

Our society maintains a library that is unique in that it is not subsidized by church or tax funds and is not housed in a church or tax supported public building. Our members have check-out privileges and the facilities are available to the public at no charge.

Library patrons have access to more than 3,400 printed volumes and over 200 periodical titles of genealogical interest; microfilm/ fiche records; computerized files and resources; and the Florence Styles Collection of files and resources, particularly Butte County, from this noted California historian.

Be sure to visit the Paradise Genealogical Society exhibit on Family History Day.  We will have the ability to do your Butte County research from our vast array of data.  We will also have our Goldmine publications available, our cemetery and mortuary records, and our famous “911” pedigree chart showing hundreds of the deCoup-Crank family.

Paradise Genealogical Society Library
5587 Scottwood Road
PO Box 460
Paradise, California 95967-0460
Phone: 530-877-2330
Magalia Hall

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