Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"Aerial" View
What a wonderfully fun day it was at Family History Day 2010 at the California State Archives.  A record attendance of over 450 family history researchers from beginners to experienced came together to partake of all things genealogical.

The speakers and exhibitors were informative on a host of topices.  Class time flew by and we wanted more!

Period Attire Galore

The day was even more festive with so many people wearing period clothing...and the variety of the attire was fantastic  They really set the scene for the bygone days of our ancestors.


Each tour of the Archives was at capacity.  Archivists gave a rare behind-the-scenes look at document storage at the State Archives.

The historic ballroom dance troupe and music ensemble at lunchtime were amazing - if the Blogger didn't have two left feet, she would have kicked up her heels too!  Did you join in?

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