Saturday, September 18, 2010

KAY ALLEN, Speaker at Family History Day

It is a pleasure to introduce Kay Allen as a speaker at Family History Day at the California State Archives.

Kay Allen is an Accredited Genealogist (accredited in the Middle Atlantic States) and has been immersed in genealogy for over 40 years since joining the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-day Saints. She has been a Family History Consultant, a Sunday School Family History Instructor and a Ward Examiner (a person designated to check a group sheet being submitted to ensure that all was in order; this position no longer exists).  As such, not only has she learned the sources for her own on-going genealogical research, but those for areas not even close to where she is searching.

Although not yet accredited specifically in New England or the British Isles, Kay has done extensive research on her ancestors from these areas. In England, she has visited the Society of Genealogists and the National Archives in Kew Gardens. Kay has also been privileged to visit the National Archives, the National Library and the Registry of Deeds in Dublin and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast.

Kay Allen will be presenting Hatch, Match, and Dispatch: the Essentials of English Genealogy. Learn about the B, M and D, and the records generated thereby.

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