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"What Family History Day means to me"

  • FHD is a wonderful opportunity to touch our past, our history. I'm looking forward to hearing the speakers and finding out what resources are available. Genealogy is a fun way to learn not only where I came from, but also to find ways to locate lost relatives. --Mort Rumberg
  • The Family History Day is always very informative and enjoyable. Our GAS Association will be represented and we hope to meet some new GAS members while we are there. Come say hello and meet your friendly, cheerful Genealogical Association of Sacramento members. Join us please. --Melanie Howard
  • Family History Day means a day of camaraderie and learning with so many other people who are also interested in family history, genealogy, archives, libraries, and related issues. –Lois
  • Family History Day means new energy, new excitement, new hopes ….. a shared love of genealogy, of family history and the renewed search for ancestors and descendants. Being with other people that understand and get it when you talk about your brickwall, your lost ancestor, the courthouse burned down …… their eyes do not glaze over but instead they are sympathetic and offer suggestions of what to do now. I LOVE IT. --Sandi Benward
  • My first Family History Day was 3 years ago and I have returned every year since. I learn so much from the speakers and exhibitors. The opportunity to talk to other people researching in the same area as I am is always invaluable. Everyone is so willing to share resources and research tips. My family research always gets further ahead with every year I attend. Thank you to the organizers! --Harry
  • I will be attending Family History Day for the first time this year. Since I just recently started researching my grandparents’ history, I want to attend the classes for beginners. I am also interested in touring the archives. –Jake
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